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Tech Tree provides classroom & online virtual training on topics such as the basics Mac OS X, iPhotos, iCloud, iMovies, Pages, Google Drive, Photoshop and many more. We train corporates, teachers, students, parents and grandparents and well...anybody! Easily log into our online classes from anywhere in the world.

We teach people to be productive, efficient and creative using the latest technologies. With us you learn how to optimize the use of your computer and devices, as well as fix your own problems instead of having to rely on tech support.

We help people who feel they’ve been left behind and inspire them. And most importantly, we help you keep up with your children.


Connie Gleeson is a Certified Apple Support Professional, Trainer and Founder of Tech Tree

She has been helping people with technology for over 7 years in Hong Kong and Singapore. She has done work with teachers, students and parents at many of the International Schools, corporates and individuals with varying knowledge levels from children to tech support staff.

  • Connie patiently helped me work through the mess that had accumulated over the years and got our business and family back in order! It was incredible to work with such a diligent, knowledgeable, pleasurable and fun loving yet professional computer specialist/trainer. Thanks Connie for gifting my tech life back and making me love my MAC! A true gift!

    Dana Heather,

    Balanced Living Pte Ltd

  • Connie has run workshops for our parent community and has received nothing but positive feedback. She is easy to work with, highly professional and eternally patient!

    Caroline Meek,

    Director Centre for Intl Education UWCSEA

  • Connie provided professional development support to our faculty admin staff and ran classes for students and parents on MacBooks and iPads. She is patient, friendly, knowledgable and reliable.

    Mike Pelletier,

    Head of Educational Technology

    Canadian International School

  • An hour with Connie showing me tips about my MacBook will have a significant impact on my productivity. Thanks, Connie!

    Glenn Odland, Ed.D.

    Head of School

    Canadian International School

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